Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran  

Dear Senator Feinstein,

Having known you as an advocate and defender of the human rights, it was a shock to hear the news of your participation as a keynote speaker in a conference held by Iranian American Council (NIAC) on April 8, 2008. NIAC is a group that lobbies for the unconditional relations with the religious dictatorship in Iran and for making this possible has tried hard to de-emphasize the daily human rights violation in Iran.

The systematic persecution of ethnic and religious minorities, the ongoing repression of women, and imprisonment،, torture, and execution of many brave Iranians who donít submit to IRI, as well as export of Islamic revolution and continuous threats of annihilating Israel are integral elements of this regime. Under the banner of opposition to war, NIAC has been promoting friendship with such a brutal regime that has violated the basic rights of the Iranians and has terrorized the entire world since its inception.  

NIAC is an organization with absolutely no record in condemning the human rights violations of the IRI and has been trying to justify these violations arguing that the outside pressure for suspension of IRIís atomic activities is the main cause of these violations!

Your excellent record in defense of human rights does not warrant your cooperation with such organization. I urge you to stand by freedom loving Iranian people and donít allow a lobby group to use your good name to legitimize a religious dictatorship. Please support the Senate Act S-970 to empower the Iranian people in their struggle for a secular democracy and eliminate the danger of war.

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