Coordinated efforts of lobbyists to legitimize the Islamic Regime against the will of Iranians who struggle for a Secular and Democratic System

There are a growing number of Iranian lobby groups and individuals that although may have different motives and interests, are united in pursuing one main task: “unconditional relations between the United States and the Islamic Regime of Iran.” They have formed an interwoven lobby network with some American individuals and groups that have similar interests and support each other diligently by promoting their activities and attacking any Iranian or American daring to oppose them. They hide their true motives by creating a false war-peace alternative in order to promote peace with the Islamic Regime of Iran.   

The best way to know them is to follow their orchestrated efforts in legitimizing the Islamic Regime through their own statements and writings. Please review their articles and inform us of any other statements or articles not covered here. Continue 


Lobby Groups Exposed
A collection of Articles Exposing the Activities of Lobby Groups        
Voice of America and Radio Farda Promote Lobby Groups and IRI Reformists    

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