he Honorable George W. Bush
The President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Bush:

We, as an Iranian-American human rights organization hope that you would take a firm stand on the abusers of human rights in general and Islamic Regime of Iran in Particular. We further hope that this position would become the general policy of your administration.

On November 4, 1979, Islamic Regime of Iran seized the American Embassy and kept 52 Americans in captivity in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran for 444 days. But its hostage taking operation in fact started with taking hostage a nation, The Iranian Nation, right after seizing the power in 1979. Since then, this regime has terrorized the Iranian people inside and outside Iran, have conducted many terrorist activities against other countries including the US, and have been recognized as a terrorist regime by the US. It is against the will of the Iranian people, against the desire of the freedom loving people of the US, and against the security of the American, American/Iranian, and Iranian people to give any recognition to this regime and establishing any unconditional relation with it. Mr. President, establishing unconditional trade relations with the Islamic Regime of Iran will be slap in the face of all freedom loving people of the world.

While economic interests are propelling the idea of trade normalization, the world should not remain silent about gross violations of human rights in Iran. If economic stability relies on political stability, then it is consistent with the long-term interests of commercial entities to address the human rights conditions in the Islamic Regime before becoming engaged in any relationship.

Unfortunately those who financially benefit from unconditional US / Islamic regime relations, along the activist and lobbyist of the Islamic Regime, are advocating for the unconditional resumption of relations with the U.S. An orchestrated effort has been already started by some individuals and small but active organizations that have no popular base among Iranian-Americans, to pressure Congress and the Administration to lift the sanctions unconditionally. We have started a petition to demonstrate the will of the Iranian-Americans. Copies of the petitions we have received so far are sent to you under a separate cover.

We should emphasize that our desire is by no means any sort of sanction against Iranian people who are victims of this regime. We just believe that no legitimacy should be given to Regime's owned financial institutions and individuals that have been robbing the Iranian people for the last 21 years and have created hunger, unemployment, and misery for the people of Iran.

They do not represent Iranians and do not protect their interests. Iranian people and their independent financial institutions would be capable of entering into genuine and constructive cultural and commercial and educational relations with the U.S. if the regime and its financial institutions did not monopolize trade.

By dealing with a government infamous for its notorious opposition to all principles of Human Rights and its outright and active support of the International terrorism within and beyond its borders, the western countries and multi national corporations will be financially helping the Islamic Regime of Iran build and export its arsenal of terror against the People of Iran and the free world.

According to the statistics published by Oxford Analytica and reported in the Iranian press (Payam-e Emrooz), more than %50 of Iran's economy is run and owned by an organization called "the Deprived Foundation " (Bonyaad-e Mostaz-afaan) that is fully exempted from audit and taxation. This organization has 7 branches in the areas of Trade, agriculture, Industry and mines, Transportation, Import and export. Each of these branches acts like a ministry. A 1986 statistics indicates that the assets of this foundation includes 140 industrial complex, 64 mines, 2786 pieces of agricultural land, 230 import and export companies, 90 movie theaters, 3 newspapers, 200 loan offices, 2 insurance companies and several shipping and airplane companies. It has 150,000 employees. 22% of concrete 28% of textile, 45% of the non-alcoholic beverage industry, 28% of the plastic products, and 25% of the sugar production are controlled by this foundation.

This organization and others similarly structured by the regime, have a hand in every financial deal and does not answer to any elected body in the country. There is no guarantee that any foreign aid will ever reach the needy people. It only subsidizes the terrorist activities of the regime. We therefore believe that the US relations with the Islamic Regime of Iran must be contingent upon the complete observation of human rights in Iran as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We strongly believe that Iranian people support this and we are determined to achieve this goal through two available avenues:

  1. The power of the Iranian-American votes
  2. Bringing to justice those who have committed crimes against Iranian people

By taking legal actions, through the international instruments such as Convention Against Torture to which the U.S. is a signatory, and bringing to justice the criminals of Islamic Regime, through legal actions, we are determined to make it impossible to host criminals and deal with them as the representatives of the Iranian people.

We believe that US and all financial institutions should adhere to the principles of human rights and do not recognize the existing system of Islamic Republic where the terror is the way of governance, and lawlessness is the rule of law. On the other hand, any direct deal with the so-called "private sector" in Iran is practically impossible. We have ample proof and can provide testimonies of involved parties residing in Iran that any deal no matter how small must go through a very sophisticated process through which handsome bribes and commissions must be paid to the government or their facade organizations before and after any such deal is made. There is no doubt that any American financial institution willing to deal with Iran, must directly or indirectly get involved in this corrupt process. This is in gross violation of many U.S. laws including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) that prohibits acts of bribery in trade. The terrorist activities of Islamic regime throughout the countries, with which they have had a relation, have already produced so many victims. Just the jest of a re-establishment of the relation with Islamic regime has produced a lot of anxiety among Iranian-Americans. We expect you as the highest authority in this country to make it impossible for terrorists and their interest driven supporters to threaten the life of those who seek refuge here for a better and safer life.


Mohammad Parvin, Executive Director
MEHR Foundation

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P.V.P., CA 90275

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