April 19, 2008

It is not only the Iranians' fight

By Mohammad Parvin

An unprecedented campaign has started by Austrians to protest any deals with the regime of Mullahs in Iran and to support the Iranians who fight for a secular and democratic Iran. Many prominent individuals including the Nobel Prize Laureate, Elfriede Jelinek, are among the supporters of this campaign which has been prompted by the upcoming 22 billion Euro deal between the Austrian Oil Management Company (Oestereichische Mineraloelverwaltung - OMV) and the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI). This campaign is promoted under a non-partisan platform "Stop the bomb" and has launched a petition against deals with the Iranian mullahs. The petition concludes:
"We therefore call - particularly upon the Austrian government - for ceasing "critical negotiations" with the mullahs and demand instead to take the following measures:
- Immediate discontinuation of the negotiations between the OMV and the Iranian mullahs on the basis of unilateral sanctions.
- Cessation of any credit support provided by the Austrian Control Bank for transactions with Iran
- Imposition of effective and comprehensive UN and EU sanctions in order to isolate the Iranian regime politically and economically
- Support of those Iranian opposition groups which continue to fight for a secular, liberal and democratic Iran and provide for a genuine alternative to the current regime"
"Stop the Bomb Coalition" will hold a conference at the University of Vienna on May 3rd/4th 2008 under the title of "The Iranian threat"
In two TV interviews with MEHR, Mrs. Simone Hartmann who is active in the Stop the Bomb Coalition campaign, emphasized that to be successful this campaign will not be limited to Austria and will encompass the entirety of Europe. Hartman stated that, "We should put pressure on the European governments to stop the policy of appeasement and put constant pressure on the Islamic Regime."
She is a writer, lecturer, and an anti-Fascist activist concerned about the Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic regime in Iran.
It is heart warming to witness that the Iranians struggle for secular democracy is supported by action rather than words by a group of prominent Europeans.
Mobilizing the world community is the only way to counter the appeasing policies dictated by the financial interests of big corporations.  The first step in creating an effective movement among the freedom loving people of the world is for Iranians to find ways of reaching them. Our message is clear. The majority of Iranian people say no to the black and white policy of either military intervention against Iran or collaboration with a terrorist regime. The only help that they want from the people of the world is to place pressure on their governments in order to stop the appeasement policy and prevent legitimizing the Mullahs ruling in Iran. The message is simple but the difficult task is being heard and recognized. A movement like what has started in Austria can help. In the U.S. a majority of the media, organizations, and prominent individuals are either silent about the human rights violations in Iran or have been manipulated by the supporters of the IRI and its lobby groups such as National Iranian American Council (NIAC). The repressed Iranians need the aid of American people.
Those American politicians, musicians, actors, writers, labor unionists, feminists, professors who are disturbed by the daily imprisonment, torture, body mutilation, and stoning in Iran can provide this help by starting a movement similar to that in Austria and mobilize the American people.
Where are you "prominent Americans"? We need to reach the freedom loving Americans through you and show them how Mullahs have ruined our beautiful native country. We need to share with Americans our pain and agony and inform them of how the Islamic regime suppresses women, abuses children, and tortures and kills human rights and political activists. The knowledge should be spread of how men and women are stoned to death for making love. Americans can help Iranians to fight this backward regime at no cost.
Dear Americans, your children won't be sent to war. Your financial resources won't be invested in a military confrontation. You just need to use your voting power and encourage your government to deal with a ruthless regime effectively. You will make the world safer by stopping a killing machine that has terrorized the Iranian nation and the entire world since its inception. The animosity of the IRI with the free and modern world and its ultimate goal of establishing the hegemony of the Islamic ideology is not a secret. They have publicly declared their desire to annihilate Israel and won't show mercy to any religion if it stands against their goals. A perfect example is what they are doing to Sunnis in Iraq. Therefore, it is not only the Iranians' fight. It is a fight for all civilized world that need to live in peace. Urge your government not to recognize the religious dictatorship in Iran until its atomic activities and human rights violation are stopped.
Mohammad Parvin, Ph.D., is an adjunct professor at the California State University, an Aerospace Specialist, and Founding Director of the Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran ( MEHR) - http://mehr.org/

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