Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 

Dear President Obama,

The ambiguous policies of your administration in dealing with the Islamic Regime of Iran were disturbing enough to alarm the freedom loving Iranian people to endanger their lives and dare to ask whether you stand with them or with the religious dictatorship that has denied their basic rights since its inception.

The appointment of John Limbert as a Deputy Secretary for Iran in the State Departmentís Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs was a shocking response to all Iranians who expected you to provide practical humanistic leadership that would help the people of Iran in their fight against a religious dictatorship. Instead of standing with Iranians who are fighting for a secular democracy in Iran , you facilitated the empowerment of their enemy by appointing one of its dedicated promoters to handle the very sensitive issue of US\IR relations.  

John Limbert's fascination for the Islamic Regime in Iran has been manifested by all his writings and speeches since the take-over of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and even during his captivity. He has tried hard to legitimize the IR and pave the road for the unconditional recognition of it. He is an advisor to the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) that has been diligently pursuing the same goal for years. Congressman Bob Ney, who was another advisor and promoter of NIAC, is serving jail time for illegal lobbying to sell airplane spare parts to the Islamic Regime. According to the Washington Post article (11/13/09), NIAC is currently under investigation for illegal lobbying for the Islamic Regime of Iran.      

John Limbert, along all other individuals and lobby groups, has deliberately reduced the US\IR relations to two extremes of either military intervention or friendly relationship.  

The solution is neither the military intervention against Iran nor dialogue with the Islamic Regime. There is a third option that, if adopted, can eliminate the danger of this regime for the entire world. A smart sanction against the religious dictatorship in Iran will send a clear and strong message to the Iranian people that the world community is with them and is willing to weaken their enemy. This will empower the Iranian people and will advance their nonviolence struggle and civil disobedience towards establishing a secular regime.

I expect you to acknowledge the struggle of courageous Iranians and hear their loud voice announcing clearly that the current regime in Iran is not their representative. I urge you to refrain from giving any recognition to the Islamic Regime of Iran even if it conveniently suspends its atomic program. Smart sanction should be enforced until the human rights violations in Iran are stopped and as a first step all political prisoners are released. John Limbert is obviously not the right choice to facilitate this.

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