The following Resolution sponsored by MEHR Iran was overwhelmingly passed in the Annual meeting of Amnesty International in Seattle

(April 19-21, 2002)

 Request For Expanded Coverage On Amnesty International Actions About Iran

 WHEREAS in the year 2000, according to the Urgent Action office, Amnesty
International issued 60 death penalty and non-death penalty Urgent Actions
about Iran; and

WHEREAS Amnesty International recognized that the true number of persons
who were victims of human rights violations in Iran in 2000 was probably
"considerably higher"; and

WHEREAS Amnesty recognizes and works in collaboration with numerous human
rights groups, both inside and outside of Iran (i.e.- Mission for
Establishment of Human Rights in Iran (MEHR) ), whose aims are to promote
awareness of and actions on behalf of political prisoners and others in
Iran; and

WHEREAS Amnesty International consistently receives information from a
variety of human rights groups outside Iran about the current human rights
situation there, including cases not acknowledged by the government of
Iran; and

WHEREAS Amnesty International's responses to these requests for actions are
sporadic, so that numerous unknown individuals in Iran continue to be
subjected to torture, floggings, stoning, and execution without proper
actions being done on their behalf;

 Therefore be it resolved that AI continues to produce actions on behalf of all those individuals in Iran who face torture and executions with the same method of research and verification that AI uses in all its work.

 Be it further resolved that the IS will increase its resources to be able to cover the vital political and human rights situation in Iran, especially individual victims of human rights violations.

 Be it further resolved that Amnesty International provide timely (follow up) information about unresolved cases involving torture and killing of Iranians, which have occurred both inside and outside of that country since the 1980s, provided that the resources are available and this work is within the overall strategy of AI work on Iran.

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