The Honorable Mary Robinson

The United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights

Geneva, Switzerland

Fax: 01141-22-9170123


Your Excellency:

We would like to address this open letter to you and your organization, whose honorable mission is to defend the life and dignity of all human beings throughout the world.


As reported by news agencies, Islamic Republic of Iran has called on the United Nations to recognize its improved record on human rights and drop it from the agenda of the current annual meeting of the Human Rights Commission.


As you are certainly aware, this is a very false claim. For more than twenty two years, the Islamic Republic regime has flagrantly violated the most basic rights of Iranian citizens. The life and safety of every Iranian dissident and defender of human rights throughout the world has also been subjected to grave danger by the Islamic Republic. You are aware of the countless number of executions and acts of genocide and terrorism committed against political prisoners and opponents in Iran.  Also, you are certainly aware of the large number of assassinations of well-known exiled opponents of the regime.  This dismal track record is further underscored by the persistent annual condemnation of the Islamic Republic's human rights violations by the United Nations and other international human rights organizations.


Therefore, we respectfully appeal to you and your organization for support of the freedom loving people of Iran, and expect that your office would keep the Islamic Regime on the agenda of the Commission on Human Rights.


We wish that you would enunciate to the whole world in general and the Iranian People in particular that those who commit crimes against their own people and violate the human rights in their own countries, commit a crime against all people and against humanity. We would expect your office to support our effort to trigger a broad investigation for the barbaric atrocities made by the Islamic Regime through International avenues such as Convention Against Torture.


Yours sincerely,


Mohammad Parvin, Director

MEHR Foundation