Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran

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Persian فارسی

How to Stop Human Rights Violations in Iran and Establish a Secular Democracy

Part 1: How to Stop the Lobbying Machine

 Open Discussion, Film and Slide  at UCLA  

3.00 PM, June 8, 2008  


South Bay Room
Covel Commons Building
200 De Neve Drive, LA, CA 90095-1492
Sunset Village access

  For information please call (310) 377-4590

P.O. Box 2037
P.V.P., CA 90274
Tel: (310) 377- 4590
Fax: (310)377- 3103
URL: http://mehr.org


Directions to the South Bay Room
s Covel Commons

South Bay Room
Covel Commons Building

200 De Neve Drive, LA, CA 90095
Sunset Village access

From Westwood Blvd :

 You may get the directions from the  information gate on Westwood blvd as you enter the UCLA Campus area.  

  1. Turn left on Strathmore right after passing the information gate
  2. Turn right on Charles Young Drive
  3. Turn Left on De Neve Dr .
  4. Turn right into Sunset Village
  5. South Bay Room is on the 3rd floor of  the Covel Commons building,

From Sunset Blvd:

 1.         From the 405 Freeway, exit on Sunset Blvd.  Proceed EAST on Sunset Blvd. and enter the

campus by turning RIGHT onto Westwood Blvd.

2.         Go straight ahead and down the driveway to underground Parking Lot 4. Purchase a parking

permit for the Sunset Village (PSV) lot from the attendant at the kiosk. Parking permits are $8 per day and are good for only one lot (i.e., you may not move your car to another lot without paying an additional charge).

3.         Make a LEFT as you exit the Parking Lot 4 driveway and proceed WEST on Charles E. Young Drive North .

4.         At the three-way stop sign, make a RIGHT onto De Neve Drive .

5.         Make a LEFT into the Sunset Village (PSV) parking entrance. Insert your gate pass as indicated on the scanner. Park in any unrestricted space.

6.         Take the elevator or stairs (located in the southwest corner of the parking garage) to the lobby level ( L ). The Covel Commons building will be directly in front of you as you exit the elevator.  

Approach the building and turn LEFT down the exterior corridor. South Bay Room is located on the third floor.  

Please check the following maps for further clarifications: