Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran

(MEHR Iran)





Honorable Kofi Annan

General Secretary of the United Nations

United Nations

New York, NY, 10017


Your Excellency:


We are witnessing with great sorrow and disappointment that the UN, a body that is supposed to protect the human values and international laws, not only ignores these values and laws but also violates its own resolution, and hosts the representatives of a terrorist regime. It is also an insult to all freedom loving people of the world in general and Iranian people in particular that you legitimize this terrorist regime by inviting its representative to address the UN Conference on dialogue of civilizations.


We would like to remind you of the text of the forth items of the UN resolution, that was approved September 12 in condemnation of terrorist attacks in the United States of America:


The General Assembly,

Guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations,


4. Urgently calls for international cooperation to prevent and eradicate acts of terrorism, and stresses that those responsible for aiding, supporting, or harbouring the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of such acts will be held accountable.


The Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) is a terrorist regime and as such has been on the list of terrorist regimes of the State Department for so long. As summarized in the attachment, IRI has been condemned seven times by the Federal District Court of Columbia for participation in terrorist acts against U.S. citizens.


The representatives of this regime including Mr. Khatami and Kharazi must be accountable for these terrorist acts based on the international human rights laws and UN resolution.


The act of terrorism and all atrocities committed by Islamic Regime of Iran are not the arbitrary acts of some hard liners within the regime. It is the law of the land and written into the constitution of this regime  and  obeyed by  all  its  factions  and  elements. For example, the  number of the  people 



stoned to death has been the highest during the Presidency of Mr. Khatami, the West darling, who preaches dialog among “civilizations”. This “moderate” figure is the one who has repeatedly and proudly declared Khomeini, the mastermind of all bloodsheds in Iran, as his mentor.


If the UN wish to fulfill its obligations and side with humanity and not the terrorist regimes, then instead of promoting the policy of lies and deceptions of the representatives of IRI, it could facilitate the struggle of organizations like MEHR Foundation, an Iranian human rights group in the U.S., that is trying to bring to justice those who have committed crime against Iranian people and have been involved in terrorism abroad. This is the will of many Iranian, Iranian/American and Americans as reflected in the petitions collected by MEHR Foundation. These petitions were mailed to you under a separate cover.


The U.S. Anti Terrorism Act prohibits any sort of help to terrorists by all individuals and groups. The least that is expected from the UN, U.S. lawmakers and those who intend to enforce this Act is that they should also abide by these rules and don’t recognize, help, or legitimize the terrorist regime of Iran and their representatives.





Mohammad Parvin, Ph.D.

Executive Director,

MEHR Foundation



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