MEHR is a Human Rights group working for a democratic society and a justice system for protecting universal human rights in world affairs. We believe that human rights cannot be addressed and resolved in isolation. The human rights of the world's people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, and religion, are interwoven. Our primary mission is to stop and not only expose human rights violations. Due to the resource limitation, we are more focused on Iran's human rights violations.

 MEHR is a network of individuals committed to strengthening advocacy on the human rights situation in the entire world and Iran. MEHR tries to develop greater capacity among Iranian in the future use of International mechanisms such as the Convention against Torture and International Criminal Court that provide Iranian victims avenues of and access to different systems of justice. Discrimination of women is one of our primary concerns. MEHR is committed to raising public awareness, exposing human rights crimes, and educating the people to have a united voice against human rights violations. 

MEHR believes that people can organize their minds and hearts to improve their human rights by organizing themselves peacefully to achieve meaningful social change. MEHR is committed to promoting social engagement and peaceful organization through educational programs designed specifically for Iran about democratic principles and nonviolent alternatives


    • Providing a better understanding of the universality of human rights and implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all international covenants.
    • Bringing the human rights violation in Iran to the attention of the world community.
    • Encouraging the Iranian-American community to participate in the democratic processes of the U.S. and advocate the relation between the two nations rather than the U.S. relationship with the abuser of Iranian people.
    • Seeking justice for the victims of the Islamic Regime of Iran through international avenues.
    • Promoting awareness of the International Criminal Court and other international avenues to seek justice.
    • Preparing legal cases and exploring applicable international avenues with universal jurisdiction over the crime against humanity for bringing to justice those elements of the Islamic Republic of Iran who have committed violent crimes against Iran's people.
    • Promoting awareness of the Iranian community to seek the abolishment of capital punishment.
    • Addressing and opposing the ongoing and systematic violations of Human Rights in Iran.
    • Providing support and assistance for political refugees


The officers of this Foundation consist of:

  1. President: Mohammad Parvin
  2. Secretary: Mehdi Daemi
  3. Treasurer: Parvin Vesali

Deep Valley Dr., # 2037
P.V.P., CA 90274

Tel: (310) 377-4590
E-mail: mehr@mehr.org

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955 Deep Valley Dr., # 2037
P.V.P., CA 90274

Tel: (310) 377-4590

E-mail: mehr@mehr.org
URL: https://mehr.org