Mission for the Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 



Austrian Embassy

3524 International Court, N.W.
Washington, DC 20008-3027


Dear Madam or Sir:

The news of Mr. Khatami’s upcoming visit to Austria is of great concern to all freedom loving Iranian people. We are very disturbed by the remarks of Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn in praising the representative of a terrorist regime without any reservation at all. He has completely ignored the suffering of many Iranians including the discriminations of all faiths and religions by a religious apartheid. 

At a time when the world has experienced the horror of terrorism and is determined to fight back and at a time when, more than ever, terrorist activities of the Islamic regime of Iran (IRI) has been documented (please see attachment), the appeasing policy of Austria is so appalling. 

At a time when the whole world has been made aware of the system of terror active inside and outside Iran, the thought of establishing formal relations with such regime is an unjustifiable measure. The Austria’s indifference to the plight of the Iranian people whose basic human rights are routinely violated is distressing and has shocking connotations. 

The Islamic regime has never shown any respect for the notion of human rights and has repeatedly ignored the appeals of the human rights organizations. Are you willing to sacrifice human dignity to make deals with this regime for short-term economic gains? 

Iranians do not request much of the world community; they are urging that if you are earnestly fighting terrorism, omit the “interest” factor and do not aid in legitimizing this terrorist regime under the banner of “re-establishing relations with Iranian people,” which is falsely advocated by Islamic regime’s lobbyists. 

Of course as usual, these efforts are made under the guise of constructive dialog and rhetoric, which would therefore influence the Islamic regime in promoting its “moderate” elements. The Islamic Regime is a terrorist regime. U.S policy makers who are on the one hand posturing against terrorism and on the other seek friendly relations with such an administration are hypocrites. The act of terrorism and all other atrocities committed by this regime are not the arbitrary acts of hard liners within the regime. It is the law of the land, written into the constitution of this government and obeyed by all elements including the President, the Darling of the western world, Mr. Khatami. This “moderate” who preaches dialogue of “civilizations” is the one who has repeatedly and proudly declared Khomeini, the mastermind of all bloodsheds in Iran, as his mentor. Therefore, the hollow gestures, nice words, and appealing smiles of this or that so-called “MODERATE” is nothing more than make-up on the ugly face of a fascist Theocracy. 

Your appeasing policy towards one of the most repressive regimes of the world is against humanity and all the democratic doctrine.  Ignoring the suffering of the Iranian people and the violation of their rights is a gravely dubious choice. Who are you with? Are you with the terrorist regime of Iran or with the Iranian people who are fighting for their basic rights and struggle for freedom and democracy? 

Please don’t support the Islamic regime of Iran; let history consider Austria as an advocate of human dignity, one who values the struggle of a brave nation for their rights.


 MEHR Iran

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