Who benefits from the deal between the United States and the Islamic Regime in Iran

Sanctions have been blamed for food scarcity, deepening unemployment, and abject poverty in Iran. Lobbyists are calling for the unconditional removal of sanctions on the Islamic Regime in Iran quoting that sanctions hurt ordinary Iranians.

National Iranian American Council (NIAC) made an announcement on March 11, 2014 indicating that:

The Iranian residents whose accounts were blocked by the Bank of Hawaii because of the sanction, can now access their bank accounts.

It is easy to read between the lines and understand what they mean by “deprived” Iranians who will be benefitting from appeasing policies of the United States:

Is that a sign of relief for ordinary Iranian citizens? Whose accounts have been blocked by the United State banks? It is not ordinary Iranian citizens. It is the ruling Mullahs and their allies in Iran. They have been funneling money out of Iran for years in anticipation of the day they may be forced out of Iran. They currently own Iran and have been trying to move their assets in many shapes and forms.

One should ponder the exact announcement made by the NIAC. They can only be proud of their role to jeopardize the future of the innocent Iranian civilians.

If the Islamic Regime in Iran and NIAC achieve their goals, it will be a day of mourning for those who fight for a secular democracy in Iran. If the interests of American corporations and the entire world interweave with the interests of the Islamic Regime, freedom loving Iranians will face a murderous regime strongly backed by the entire world. This grim picture has to compel us, and unite us to take real actions versus proposing rhetorical and symbolic alternatives.

Imposing a smart sanction on the Islamic Regime in Iran is still our best course of action outside Iran. The main thing that the Islamic Regime wants out of the deal with the West is legitimization of its existence. This is not going to help the Iranian people. It will empower their abuser to rub them more and deposit abroad.

As was brought to your attention in a previous article, Senate bill S. 1881 for the extension of sanctions has included a clause to consider human rights violation of the regime as a cause for the extension sanctions.

Take the first step now! Take action to stop the transfer of money to the Bank of Hawaii and many other banks by those who have been plundering Iran for the past thirty-five years. Please sign this petition, tell your neighbors, friends, relatives, and coworkers, and share on social media to support the legitimate right of ordinary Iranian citizens to own their homeland and live their lives with dignity before it is too late.


Oppose the legitimization of  the Islamic Regime in Iran by supporting S. 1881 Smart Sanction



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