Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran

(MEHR Iran)





Senator Dianne Feinstein

One Post Street, #2450

San Francisco, CA 94104


Dear Senator Feinstein:


We are very disturbed about the bill that you have introduced to the US Senate to bar students from seven countries including those from Iran, from United States universities.


It is so ironic that while the representatives of the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI), a recognized terrorist regime, are welcome to the UN in violation of the U.S. Anti Terrorism Act and the UN Resolution of September 12, the victims of this regime are barred from the United States universities.


Iranian students have been historically at the forefront of the struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran and thousands of them are currently in jail for opposing the terrorism of Islamic Regime.


The Islamic Regime of Iran is a terrorist regime and as such has been on the list of terrorist regimes of the State Department for so long. The IRI has been condemned seven times by the Federal District Court of Columbia for participation in terrorist acts against U.S. citizens.


It is the representatives of this regime including Mr. Khatami that must be accountable for these terrorist acts based on the international human rights laws rather than being allowed to make a mockery of civilization and take part in the UN conference on dialogue of civilizations.


We urge you to show your will for fighting against terrorism by supporting the struggle of freedom loving Iranian people against the IRI system of terror. Please donít deny the Iranian students, the victims of terrorism, from seeking education in the U.S.



Mohammad Parvin, Ph.D.

MEHR Executive Director



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