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Screening of Two Films on the Iranians Political prisoners

MEHR Iran presented the Screening of two Documentary Films on the Iranians Political Prisoners on Saturday February 7, 2004. Over 300 people participated in an event that was held at Radisson Hotel in Newport Beach, California.  

1.  Forbidden Iran (Full Version)

 A disturbing report from inside Iran, where Frontline/World reporter Jane Kokan risks her life to secretly film shocking evidence of the torture and murder of students and journalists opposed to the Islamic Regime of Iran. Kokan, in disguise, escapes the constant surveillance of Iranian authorities to interview underground and jailed activists. 

Jane Kokan who had kindly accepted the invitation of MEHR was present at this event and participated in Q&A.

2.   The Tree that Remembers

In a file produced by The National Film Board of Canada, Masud Raouf, Director and animator, assembles a group of former Iranian political prisoners who were active in the democratic movement. Blending their testimony with historical footage and original artwork, he honors the memory of the dead and celebrates the resilience of the living.

Shokoufeh Sakhi, one of the participant in this movie, who spent eight years in jail, confined for months in a coffin-like box was invited by MEHR and was present at this event to talk about her bitter experience and take part in Q&A. 

Event Program:    

7.00 PM               Opening Remarks by Ms. Vida Karimi and Homa Nasi 

7:10 PM               Movie Screening: The Tree that Remembers 

8.00 PM               Question and Answers with Ms. Skokoufeh Sakhi introduced by ِMrs. Parvin Vesal

8:30 PM               15 Minutes Break 

8:45 PM               Movie Screening: Forbidden Iran 

9:30 PM               Question and Answers with Ms. Jane Kokan introduced by Dr. Abdi Majlesi  

10:00 PM             Open Discussion in Persian for 30 minutes 

Topic: Incoming Election in Iran    


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