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  • Words and Slogans Alone Do Not Empower Brave Iranian
    Freedom Fighters

    Demonstrations against the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI) continue. Although under the world's watch, IRI is escalating its push to demolish this historic movement. Based on the Iran Human Rights report on November 24th, at least 459 people, including 64 kids and 29 women, have been murdered and more than 18000 detained.

     All we hear outside Iran from "democratic" governments are only concerns using words:

    We support you. We condemn your murderer. We want them to stop. Army corps leaders (All have multiple IDs under hidden names) are sanctioned!

     Some work has been going on to form a committee in the United Nations to investigate the crimes committed in Iran. It still needs to pass the "word" stage and clarify what sort of punishment may come out of this investigation. So far, no tangible action whatsoever!  Continue Reading

  • How to Support Women-Driven Movement in Iran

       The stunning uprising of Iranian women is unprecedented. 

       The revolt was ignited by the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody. As the

        world knows now, she was arrested for defying the strict code of women's

        clothing and "wearing inappropriate clothes." Since this barbaric system is

        everything but a "Republic," I call it the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI).

       Sick and tired of the IRI and the law forcing women to wear the veil, young

       women and eventually people of all ages and genders took to the streets

       shouting slogans and, in particular, "Woman, life, freedom." Women removed 

       and burned headscarves and body covers and courageously confronted the

       forces of repression ordered to fire live ammunition. It was much more than

        enough to break my forced silence. I will try again and share my suggestion on

       how we can support the women's movement in Iran to topple a bloody regime.

       Continue Reading


Since the violation of human rights and criminal acts of the Islamic regime in Iran is enshrined in its constitution and annexes, the only way to get rid of it is to overthrow it. The method of overthrowing this regime is the organized participation of Iranian freedom fighters in disobedience fight. The life of this regime is over when millions of men and women, young and old, take to the streets and say "no" to it.

However, the freedom-loving Iranians have settled down because they see themselves not only facing a cruel regime but also the interest-driven world powers that have recognized it. Their mobilization is not possible under the current circumstances. Scattered protests and strikes will not be tolerated for a moment if it reaches a point where it poses a threat to the regime.

Iranians abroad, along with other freedom-loving people of the world and using their voting power and participation in the political process of the countries in which they live, should demand that the recognition of the Islamic regime be conditional on the cessation of human rights violations and as a first step the release of political prisoners. The demands of human rights organizations to investigate the crimes of Raisi, the so-called president, in general and the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 have created a much better ground for such effort.

These all-out efforts in the world, which can involve countless people, if they do not achieve their goal, the widespread movement that has been created sends the message to the inactive Iranians that the whole world is watching them and demanding their rights. This situation will enable activists inside Iran to organize disgruntled masses to start disobedient struggles.

The details of the efforts of Iranian abroad, some of which are mentioned in this article, will be discussed in another article if readers show positive reactions to this suggestion or suggest a better solution.  Continue Reading :    https://mehr.org/raisi2.htm


By M. Parvin

December 28, 2020

It was very disturbing to know that a well known lobbyist, Trita Parsi, founder of NIAC, and currently vice president of Quincy Institute is recommended to President-Elect Biden to oversee Middle East affairs on the National Security Council [1]. 

Millions of freedom-loving Iranians inside and outside Iran will be enraged if the United States' new President starts with a disappointing rather than promising act. If this tragedy happens, it will results in recognition of the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI) by the U.S. As I have described in detail since long time ago [2 - 5] and will briefly state in this writing, this won't stop the atomic activities of this brutal regime and its interference in the region. IRI will always be a danger to the entire free world. Continue Reading


By M. Parvin

January 6, 2020 

On June 28, 1981, seventy-two high officials of Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI), including Chief Justice ayatollah Beheshti who was the second most powerful figure after Khomeini died in the bombing at a party meeting in Tehran. These killings were followed by the assignation of President Rajai and Prime Minister Javad Bahonar in a meeting of the Supreme Defense Council on August 30, 1981 [1]. 

The system of terror governing Iran was not affected by the assignation of all these influential figures at all. They have continued the repression of the freedom-loving Iranian, have expanded their influence in the region, and have survived the threats and sanctions by western countries. 

Killing Ghasem Soleimani, the head of Quds force and deputy head of Iraq paramilitary forces by Trump's order on January 3, 2020, will not have any effect on the extent of the regime's capabilities and terrorist activities. Islamic Regime is not short of terrorists like Soleimani. Esmail Ghaani, the Iranian general who replaced him, has already pledged to take revenge. His threat was followed by Iraq's parliament vote to expel all American troops from Iraq. Moving the U.S. forces out of Iraq was one of Soleimani's primary goals. Continue reading


  • Passing by the Islamic Regime or Overthrowing it?

    Regarding the statement of 14 people in Iran

    By M. Parvin

     The statement of the fourteen people in Iran dealing with Khamenei and the Islamic Regime has created mixed reactions among expatriates. [1]

    Regardless of the degree to which individuals and groups are familiar with the thoughts and background of the signatories, and to what extent this recognition has been the criterion of their judgment, the common point of most of these assessments is that it is largely based on the same decades-long approach. Frustrated by the dominating words rather than deeds of the so-called opposition outside Iran and after a long period of silence it may be necessary to express again a non-politically correct view of the current situation. Continue reading

  • How to End the Era of Terror in Iran

 By M. Parvin

The Islamic Regime in Iran can be only brought down by a united and organized civil   disobedience of the Iranian people who believe they deserve more than a bloody religious dictatorship. A wide spread wave of protests in Iran is very promising. We should be specially delighted that our brave women who have not given up to years of suppression and   repression are demonstrating the effectiveness of this tactics and strategy once again [1].
... Continue reading

By M. Parvin

Companies all over the world are parading to position themselves to do business with the Islamic regime in Iran (IRI). American and European companies are jockeying to be the first in line as some sanctions are suspended and negotiations are underway for a deal that will ease and eventually remove sanctions if IRI agrees to curb its nuclear program. ... Continue reading

By M. Parvin

The UN made another mockery of human rights by electing the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI) to five subcommittees of the Economic and Social Council, including one to the Commission of the Status of Women in April 2014. By far, this is the most arrogant insult to all women, specifically Iranian women. The UN has a history of exhibiting a favorable attitude toward human rights abusers. The Commission on the Human Rights (CHR), established in 1946, was so ineffective that it was replaced in 2006 by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) with the premise of “a new beginning for the promotion and protection of human rights,” as declared by the U.N. General Assembly President, Jan Eliasson ... Continue reading

By Dwight Bashir

This coming week, two seemingly unrelated events concerning Iran are taking place.  First, the U.N. expert on human rights in Iran is presenting his latest report in Geneva at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council, and will conclude that conditions have not improved since President Hassan Rouhani took office last August. Second, in Vienna, global powers (P5+1) begin the next round of talks with Iran seeking a comprehensive, long-term deal over Tehran's nuclear program. ... Continue reading


Sanctions have been blamed for food scarcity, deepening unemployment, and abject poverty in Iran. Lobbyists are calling for the unconditional removal of sanctions on the Islamic Regime in Iran quoting that sanctions hurt ordinary Iranians. National Iranian American Council (NIAC) made an announcement on March 11, 2014 indicating that: ... Continue reading



For the first time, a sanction bill ( S 1881) that includes practical concerns about human rights violation in Iran has been cosponsored by 59 US senators. Part 7A of this bill  reads: " The United States should continue to impose sanctions on the Government of Iran for its ongoing abuses of human rights." The Islamic Regime's supporters and lobby groups who are benefiting from the lack of knowledge of many misinformed American individuals and groups, have been campaigning to block this bill. ... Continue reading 

By M. Parvin

The right hand man and chief foreign policy adviser to the leader of Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI), Ali Akbar Velayati called for direct talk with the United States on nuclear issues [LA Times 12/28/13]. On January 13th, the U.S. and Iranian officials announced that "Iran" and six world powers have agreed on a plan to launch the first phase of their nuclear deal. This week, the so-called Iranian President Rohani delivered a message at a summit in Switzerland that “Iran is open for business.” It is time for the U.S. government and its allies to celebrate. Or is it?

(Varn Chandola)

Are there any tribes, cults, cultures, etc. within which human sacrifice is still performed as a religious practice?  The depictions of human sacrifice under the Aztecs, for instance, never failed to stir my imagination as I would feel nauseated and terrified by the thought of how it must have felt to be one of the victims who would be taken to the top of a temple, laid down on a stone slab, and then have their abdomens sliced open as their beating hearts were taken out.  The Aztecs performed these sacrifices to appease specific gods. ... Continue reading

By Jahanshah Rashidian

Are there any tribes, cults, cultures, etc. within which human sacrifice is still performed as a religious practice?  The depictions of human sacrifice under the Aztecs, for instance, never failed to stir my imagination as I would feel nauseated and terrified by the thought of how it must have felt to be one of the victims who would be taken to the top of a temple, laid down on a stone slab, and then have their abdomens sliced open as their beating hearts were taken out.  The Aztecs performed these sacrifices to appease specific gods. ... Continue reading

By M. Parvin

The founders of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) made a fundamental mistake when they established an organization to lobby for the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI). In order to be able to promote a friendship with a terrorist regime, NIAC had not only to be silent about the human rights violations in Iran but to undermine its validity. When questioned on the human rights issue, NIAC has always placed the blame on U.S. pressure and has lectured that recognition of the IRI would improve the human rights issue in Iran . Due to this strategy, they have never condemned the human rights violations in Iran . Currently, not a single trace of the term “human rights” can be detected in their goals and mandates. ... Continue reading

By George Mcleod

TEHRAN–Soroya Malekzadeh wanted to test Iran 's claim to being an open democracy, so she submitted her nomination papers to be a candidate for this month's parliamentary elections. The reply came from the Interior Ministry, formally disqualifying her for failing to meet Iran 's strict Islamic requirements. Now, exhausted by state harassment and imprisonment, she has submitted another set of papers, this time to the Canadian embassy in Tehran in hope of obtaining refugee status. ... Continue reading

By M. Parvin

An unprecedented campaign has started by Austrians to protest any deals with the regime of Mullahs in Iran and to support the Iranians who fight for a secular and democratic Iran. Many prominent individuals including the Nobel Prize Laureate, Elfriede Jelinek, are among the supporters of this campaign which has been prompted by the upcoming 22 billion Euro deal between the Austrian Oil Management Company (Oestereichische Mineraloelverwaltung - OMV) and the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI). This campaign is promoted under a non-partisan platform "Stop the bomb" and has launched a petition against deals with the Iranian mullahs. ... Continue reading

By M. Parvin and H. Dai)

Senator Dianne Feinstein is announced as the keynote speaker of an upcoming event in Capitol Hill on US-Iran relations.1 Trita Parsi, the president of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) will moderate the conference.  Parsi was the political advisor and assistant to now the federal prisoner Bob Ney. Ney’s conviction was partly related to the bribes he received from two London based international felons working with the Iranian regime. ... Continue reading


Los Angles Times Special Reports on Iran Quoting MEHR:

Los Angeles Times Interview with Dr. Parvin

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