Mission for the Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 



Conference on
"Human Right Violation in Iran And The Reaction of The World Community"

Two decades of the reign of terror has brought our country to its political boiling point. The freedom loving people of the world cannot sit idly and watch the Islamic Republic mow down the students from helicopters as a response to their cry for democracy.

Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran (MEHR) is a volunteer organization with no ties, affiliation or financial support from any political organization. Its sole objective is to address the steady and systematic violations of Human Rights in Iran and a plea to the world community for bringing to justice those elements of the Islamic Republic who have committed violent crimes against the people of Iran. Such accounts of murder, torture and imprisonment have all been well documented and made public by the United Nations and other Human Rights organizations repeatedly over the past twenty years. The Islamic Republic must stop the oppression of its own people and move toward the establishment of a civil society before any meaningful and sustainable economic relations between the two countries can resume.

We wish to bring focus and attention to the status of Human Rights in Iran by raising the awareness of both the political and business community on the realities and complexities of the resumption of relations with The Islamic Republic under current Human Rights conditions in Iran and explore applicable avenues under international law for bringing to justice those who have committed crimes against humanity in Iran.

As a first step toward our objective, we are extending this invitation to human right activists and organization to join a collaborative effort in the form of a global symposium addressing the status of Human Rights in Iran and its impact on long term economic security in any prospective resumption of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as to explore applicable international laws and avenues for bringing to justice those who have committed crimes against humanity in Iran.

The following documents describe the proposed conference in more details. 


Symposium Program

 Invitation to Participate in the Conference

Los Angeles Times April 19th and April 21st Articles on Human Rights Symposium Organized by MEHR Iran

Proposed Conference On
"Human Rights Violations in Iran And the Reaction of the World Community"

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