Counteracting the legitimization of the Islamic Regime in Iran Advocated by Lobbyists


Support Smart Sanctions that Promote Human Rights in Iran

(Mohammad Parvin)

March 8, 2014


For the first time, a sanction bill ( S 1881) that includes practical concerns about human rights violation in Iran has been cosponsored by 59 US senators. Part 7A of this bill  reads:

 " The United States should continue to impose sanctions on the Government of Iran for its ongoing abuses of human rights."

The Islamic Regime's supporters and lobby groups who are benefiting from the lack of knowledge of many misinformed American individuals and groups, have been campaigning to block this bill. So far, they have been  successful. Our absence in the political arena is an encouraging factor for them. It is time to respond. Do not let their self-serving agenda  intimidate you. Support a modified senate bill S. 1881 that will be more specific and therefore immune of the IRI's deceptions. We can campaign to include the condition for release of all political prisoners to Part A of S 1881 as stated below:

" The United States should continue to impose sanctions on the Government of Iran for its ongoing abuses of human rights. Release of all political prisoners should be the first step."

President Obama has opposed this bill and the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has opposed putting the bill to a vote. If the bill is put to a vote, it can be enforced to support human rights. You can take action to make this happen. Please write a letter, call your senators, and if possible go to their office. Please do whatever you can in your capacity to promote this message. Forward it to your friends, share it on Twitter and Facebook. Contact Iranian media and ask them to promote the message. This is a difficult yet very vital task. Be on the right side of  history by taking actions to fulfill it.

What to do?

1.      Send a prepared letter to the U.S. Senate and President Obama by using the following link. Your information and your privacy will be protected by MEHR.

     Message To be delivered to: The U.S. Senate and President Barack Obama


2. Find Your Senators and Representatives

To find your Senators and Representative, enter your ZIP code at the above link.

Find Your Senators and Representatives

 3.      Check your senatorís position on S 1881 at

 US Senators' Positions on Senate Bill S. 1881

4.      Send an email to your senators urging them to support the sanction bill 1881 to include release of  political prisoners at the appropriate time to Part 7A. 

5.      Make a phone call to your Senatorsí offices.

If they are among the cosponsors, introduce yourself, thank them for their support of the sanction bill S 1881 and urge them to modify part 7A at the appropriate time and encourage them to keep trying to put the bill to a vote.

If they are not, express your support for S 1881 and urge your senator to reconsider his or her position and give the Iranian people a chance in their struggle for a secular democracy.

You have the option to call their offices directly (Find Your Senators) or call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your senator's offices.  

We are running out of time and well behind the lobby groups. So, please  act as soon as possible.


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