A Few Examples of the Lobbyists' Effort to Legitimize the Islamic Regime in Iran Through 

"War - Recognition" Scenario


The lobbyists have masterfully set up a trap for the recognition of the Islamic Regime by the world community. This trap is reducing the options in dealing with IRI to either military attack or engagement. The U.S. war-hawks politicians who have supported the regime change by military intervention have also helped the success of this tactic. As discussed in a recent article, there is an alternative to the scenario of military intervention or appeasing policies towards the Islamic Regime.

The U.S. should enforce a "smart Sanction" that will impose pressure on the regime and not the people, and add the condition of the release of all political prisoners to the atomic condition. This will empower the Iranian people to bring about the real change in Iran without any military intervention. It will give them the powerful message that the entire world is behind them and not their enemy. They can overture this regime by civil  disobedience. 


The U.S. and Iran are in the middle of historic negotiations to end the nuclear standoff and lift sanctions, which are hurting the Iranian people. Sign the petition below to show strong support for peace and diplomacy and against another war. We will deliver the petitions across the country on March 4 as part of our Act for Peace campaign. 

Press Release

National Iranian American Council (NIAC) Policy Director Jamal Abdi issued the

following statement regarding Senate Iran sanctions bill, S.1881:

"In the face of overwhelming support for diplomacy, Senator Menendez and AIPAC have halted their push for new sanctions that would torpedo negotiations. Congress has heard the message loud and clear that the American people, including Iranian Americans, do not want another war and instead support U.S.-Iran diplomacy.

By Jamal Abdi (NIAC)

When a group of Senators introduced new sanctions legislation just weeks after the U.S. signed an interim deal with Iran explicitly committing not to pass new sanctions, it became clear that our diplomats’ greatest challenge may not be getting a final deal with Iran, but rather getting a final deal with Congress.

The effort to pass new sanctions is not a mere difference of opinion on what are the best diplomatic tactics. It is a full scale assault on the notion that we should be engaging in diplomacy in the first place. You can’t be for diplomacy and also for blowing up the talks. ...

By Jamal Abdi (NIAC)

Unlike years past, senior officials on both sides now openly acknowledge that alleged alternatives to diplomacy -- such as an escalation of sanctions, or an escalation in the technical aspects of Iran's nuclear program -- have not only caused the drumbeat of war to intensify, but also narrowed the remaining escalatory options that both sides have at their disposal. This sharpened focus among American and Iranian decision-makers has presented a unique window of opportunity to continue de-escalating tensions and reach a final nuclear deal.

 At least seventy Members of Congress are organizing a letter to the President supporting U.S.-Iran diplomacy and opposing new sanctions or other measures that would kill the talks.

Just a week ago, we were working to stop the Senate from passing new sanctions. Now we are on offense and have an opportunity to demonstrate that there is strong Congressional support for diplomacy. But those in Congress supporting diplomacy need our help. Will you take action to encourage your Representative to sign the “Give Diplomacy a Chance” letter right away?


An Iran sanctions bill introduced last December is losing traction in the Senate with the Obama Administration, key lawmakers, and outside analysts warning that passing the legislation now could derail ongoing international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. …

If the passage of new U.S. sanctions now causes the breakdown of the diplomatic process, then military conflict —or an Iranian nuclear weapon—would become more, not less, likely. 


  • NIAC E-mail Distribution on 01/17/2014

It's official: we are turning the tides in the Senate AGAINST the dangerous S.1881 sanctions bill!

This past Wednesday, NIAC volunteer teams from 16 states visited 32 Senate offices, delivering over half of our 2325 petitions in person! These actions significantly strengthened our online petition deliveries, making unequivocally clear that Iranian-Americans and our pro-peace allies will not stand for this bill!

Within 48 hours, it was abundantly clear that these grassroots actions made an impact. Senator Corker (R-TN) shifted his position on the bill a day after our first ever petition delivery in his state. One of Senator Menendez's (D-NJ) staffers stated that the majority of constituents they've heard from do NOT support the Senator's position on the bill.

  • Trita Parsi's E-mail in 12/31/2013


I am very worried. We've come a long way over the past year.  The Iranian people voted for moderation at home and abroad, and American and Iranian diplomats responded with steps towards peace.But peace is far from secured

AIPAC and its allies are already working to gather a veto-proof majority of Congress to enact diplomacy-killing sanctions. The governments in Israel and Saudi Arabia have made their opposition to a nuclear deal clear. And hardliners in Iran are waiting for the first opportunity to withdraw from the talks.

Some, like President Obama, put the odds of peacefully resolving this at no better than “50-50.” And the White House has also made it clear that it's either diplomacy – or war.

That is why the voices for diplomacy must be stronger than the voices for war.  We cannot let them succeed.

We now face our best opportunity to secure a brighter, more peaceful future. It might be our last chance.

If we fail, we are going to face an even worse situation – more sanctions, more repression and possibly war.

But there is also hope. 

Our community has stepped up to this challenge as never before.  We are just $5,352 shy of our goal of raising $500,000 to help secure peace in the New Year. 

But we must all help.  We can't afford to stand back and hope we're fortunate enough to avoid another war.  The stakes are too high.

Please join the movement to secure a lasting peace – no more threats, no more sanctions and no more repression - by contributing what you can, whether it's $100$50, or another amount right for you. It's 100% tax-deductible. 

Let us seize this opportunity. 

Trita Parsi


  • NIAC E-mail on 12/19/2013:

New Iran Sanctions Bill is a Vote for War Over Diplomacy 

Washington, DC - NIAC strongly opposes legislation introduced by Senators Menendez, Schumer, and Kirk - the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 - that would implement new Iran sanctions in violation of the recently brokered Geneva accord.

"This is bill is a vote for war over diplomacy that will kill negotiations. It is the ultimate gift from hardliners in the U.S. to hardliners in Iran who oppose a negotiated solution," said NIAC Policy Director Jamal Abdi. "There is no better way to undercut American diplomats and Iranian moderates than to introduce a bill that violates the terms of the nuclear agreement, sets prohibitive preconditions for any final deal, and pledges support Israeli military strikes."  


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