Mission for the Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 

Islamic Regime Must Release Its Hostages:
" The IRANIAN People"

We strongly believe that the US relations with the Islamic Regime of Iran must be contingent upon the complete observation of human rights in Iran as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We would like this issue to be part of the US political parties' platform and have started a signature drive to achieve this goal by the power of the Iranian-American votes. Please use the link at PETITION and speak out about this issue.
Unfortunately some Iranians who sadly regard the Islamic Regime as a "newly formed democracy in Iran", and some who financially benefit from unconditional US / Islamic regime relations, along the activist and lobbyist of the Islamic Regime, are advocating for the unconditional resumption of relations with the US. An orchestrated effort has been already started to discredit any effort to link the human rights in Iran to relations with the Islamic Regime.

We should emphasis that our desire is by no means any sort of sanction against Iranian people. The Iranians are victims of this regime and their respective interests are not identical. We just believe that no legitemacy should be given to Regime's owned financial institutions and individuals that have been rubbing the Iranian people for the last 21 years and have created hunger, unemployment, and misery for most of our nation. They do not represent Iranians and do not protect their interests.

By dealing with a government infamous for its notorious opposition to all principles of Human Rights and its outright and active support of the International terrorism within and beyond its borders, the western countries and multi national corporations will be financially helping the Islamic Regime of Iran. According to the statistics published in the Iranian press (Iran-e Farda), more than %50 of Iran economy is run and owned by an organization called "the Deprived Foundation " (Bonyaad-e Mostaz-afaan) that is fully exempted from audit and taxation.
This organization has 7 branches in the areas of Trade, agriculture, Industry and mines, Transportation, Import and export. Each of these branches acts like a ministry. A 1986 statistics indicates that the assets of this foundation includes 140 industrial complex, 64 mines, 2786 pieces of agricultural land, 230 import and export company, 90 movie theaters, 3 newspapers, 200 loan offices, 2 insurance companies and several shipping and airplane companies. It has 150,000 employees. %22 of concrete %28 of textile, %45 of the sodas, %28 of the plastic products, and %25 of the sugar production is controlled by this foundation

This organization has a hand in every financial deal and does not answer to any elected body in the country. There is no guarantee that any foreign aid will ever reach the needy people. It only subsidizes the terrorist activities of the regime.

Islamic regime of Iran has made gender and religious apartheid legal and part of Iranian constitution, which was adopted undemocratically.
So-called elections in Iran are not free and people of Iran can choose only among the selected few by the system.
Thousands and thousands of prisoners of conscious have been tortured and subsequently faced firing squads.
As you are reading this, thousands Iranians are being held without any formal charges and are being tortured in order to confess that they are against the regime or to recant their free spirits, in notorious Islamic of Iranís jail systems.
Thousands of political prisoners are serving long sentences in barbaric style jails and are subjected to random and systematic torture after unfair trials where the judge and prosecutor and the interrogators were the same person like the trial of the 13 Iranian Jews
Agents of Islamic Regime by their own admission have murdered hundreds of dissidents inside and out side of Iran.
We believe that US should adhere to the principles of human rights and do not recognize the existing system of Islamic Republic where the terror is the way of governance, and lawlessness is the rule of law.

We believe that world community should pressure Islamic regime to release its hostages "the IRANIAN People"

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