Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 


Demand Action for the Release of Prisoners of Conscience in Iran


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Dear [Senator],

I would like to urge you to initiate a support the senate sanction bill S 1881 and append the condition of the release of all political prisoners to Part 7A that for the first time gives a determining role to the human rights condition in a sanction bill. By doing this you will gain the support of all freedom loving people of the world for the sanction extension. Empowered Iranians can eliminate the danger of the Islamic Regime by continuing their fight against the religious dictatorship and eventually guarantee the world safety by establishing a secular democracy in Iran.

Some lawmakers may only be concerned about the interests of the US by wishful assumption that making a deal with the Islamic Regime in Iran would guarantee safety and security. This is absolutely wrong and reveals the lack of understanding about the nature of the IRI. It is a well documented fact that access to atomic bombs, having a dominant role in middle east, expanding Islam ideology all over the world, and last but not least continuing the human rights abuses in Iran are all means of survival and the domination doctrine of the ideology upon which this dictatorship exist and rules.

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