Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 


Please Don't Legitimize a Terrorist Regime and Don't Allow the Daily Human Rights Violations in Iran to Continue

 Dear President Obama,  

While the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI) continues to crack down on civil, social, and economic liberties on a daily basis, the world community continues to be indifferent. Instead, they are celebrating the deal with (IRI) that is on the terrorists list of many countries.  

One struggles to find a single statement issued by the U.S and its allies that would somehow link the human rights of the Iranian people to all the concessions offered to the IRI just to lower the degree of its uranium enrichment. If their offer is good enough to bring a terrorist regime into the "world community", the freedom loving Iranians who have made so many sacrifices for their cause will face a religious dictatorship backed by the entire world.

The option that has been promoted by the IRIís lobby groups for years is either the military intervention against Iran or acceptance of the Islamic Regime. Since most Iranians and people of the world are naturally against war, this black and white policy has been adopted and promoted to enforce the acceptance of a bloody regime under the banner of ďpeace.Ē What has been deliberately ignored is a third option that, if adopted, can eliminate the danger of this regime for the entire world.

Unlike any sort of military attack on Iran that would have disastrous consequences for the Iranian people, a smart sanction against the religious dictatorship in Iran will be a clear and strong message to Iranians that the world community is with them and is willing to weaken their enemy. In clear contrast with the current sanction, a smart sanction that will demand the stop of human rights violations of the Iranians, will be supported by them and will encourage them to arm themselves with the weapon of nonviolence and civil disobedience more than ever and by toppling this terrorist regime and eliminate the dangers it poses to humanity. If the Iranians' struggle to replace a terrorist regime with a secular democratic system is succeeded and not blocked by the U.S. and its allies, the world would be much safer.

I urge you to refrain from giving any recognition to the Islamic Regime of Iran even if it conveniently suspends its atomic program. A Smart sanction that only affects the brutal regime in Iran should be enforced until the human rights violations in Iran are stopped and as a first step all political prisoners are released. 

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