Mission for Establishment of HumanRights in Iran

Petition to urge the European Union and the US not to Recognize the Islamic Regime as the Representative of Iranian People

The Iranians are taking to the street to undermine the legitimacy of the Islamic Regime and decide the future of Iran by overthrowing the clerics through civil disobedience and non-violent struggle. Unfortunately, European Union, part of the US Administration including State Department, and several US lawmakers and House Representatives are trying to legitimize this regime and shamelessly portraying it as a democracy! They have formed a second front against the Iranians struggle for freedom and democracy.

I would like to express my utmost outrage about these policies and urge you to show respect for a nation that is fighting for its freedom, denounce their abusers rather than praising them, do not support this terrorist regime, and do not recognize it as the representative of their victims.

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