Mission for Establishment of HumanRights in Iran

Islamic Regime of Iran is a terrorist regime even if it abandons its nuclear ambitions and must not be supported and welcomed to the world community

It is a huge mistake to ignore the terrorist nature of the Islamic Regime and assume that it can be brought into the “world community” by bribing and lucrative incentives hoping that it would give up its nuclear ambitions and terrorist activities. The reality of the Islamic Regime is that its very existence is not only a daily danger to the lives of millions of the Iranians; it is a danger to the entire world. We strongly oppose any military intervention in Iran. The task of changing the regime of terror in Iran undertaken by Iranian people is huge and difficult but Iranians are capable of doing it if their enemy, the Islamic Regime, is not supported by the interest driven industrial power. The European Union’s support of the IRI and its legitimization and acceptance has been devastating to the freedom movement in Iran. We hope the US will never endorse these appeasing policies.  

We expect the US not to help this terrorist regime and not to legitimize it regardless of its compliance with the US demand to curb its nuclear activities. We expect a rigid sanction against IRI. We expect the US to reduce its diplomatic relations with the Islamic Regime to the lowest possible level. This regime is not the representative of the Iranian people and we challenge those who think otherwise by an internationally monitored referendum.  

Please be on the side of the brave Iranians who have not given up hope in spite of confronting a brutal regime and all its western supporters and are fighting for a secular democratic regime.

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