Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 

No to Extreme Policies of Military intervention/Dialog With the Islamic Regime
Yes to a Third Option: 
"Regime Change by Iranians"


The extreme policies of either attacking Iran or making friendly relations with the Islamic Regime are both against the interests of the Iranian people and the entire world. This black and white foreign policy has been mainly adopted and dictated by the Islamic Regime and its Iranian lobby groups and individuals. The rhetorical "regime change" stand of the U.S. has been masterfully portrayed by the regime’s supporters as the US ’s intention to resolve the conflict with IRI by force. By manipulating the current antiwar sentiment of American public, they have promoted the other extreme, the policy that advocates befriending the regime.   

The solution is neither the military intervention against Iran nor dialog with the Islamic Regime. There is a third option that, if adopted, can eliminate the danger of the regime. "Third Option" argues that the Iranian people are capable of changing the regime if the regime is not supported by the West, and especially not by the U.S. Adopting this third option will come at no cost to the American people. It merely asks the U.S. to stop recognizing this regime, making financial deals with it, and legitimizing it. A smart sanction against the regime will show the Iranian people that the world community is with them and is willing to weaken their enemy. This will encourage the people to arm themselves with the weapon of nonviolence and civil disobedience and, by toppling this terrorist regime, eliminate the dangers it poses to the world.

I expect those who stand for democracy and human rights to support the "Third Option" by demanding a real diplomatic and economical sanction against the Islamic regime. 

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