Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 

Help Free Prisoners of Conscience in Iran

Akbar Mohamadi, like many other victims of the Islamic Regime, didn't yield to the system of terror and sacrificed his life to draw the attention of the world community to the grim situation of political prisoners in Iran. Another prominent political prisoner, Ahmad Batebi, is in hunger strike for the same cause. 

I appeal to world community to help the Iranian struggle for a secular democracy by not supporting and legitimizing the system of terror in Iran. Please respect a nation that is fighting for its freedom, denounce the Islamic Regime, and do not recognize it as the representative of Iranians.

A terrorist regime that kills at home will not show any mercy to the outside world. To deal with these dangers, the least that is expected from the United Nations Security Council is to apply smart economical and diplomatic sanctions against the Islamic Regime until all Iranian political prisoners are released and its atomic activities are stopped. 

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