Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran

Petition to urge the World Bank not to Recognize the Islamic Regime as the Representative of Iranian People and Stop awarding it with Loans

I would like to express my utmost outrage about the loans recently awarded to the Islamic Regime of Iran by the World Bank. These loans have been awarded and more has been promised, under the delusion of helping the people of Iran. In the corrupt system of the Islamic Regime, where 70 percent of non-oil revenue and 40 percent of the economy is controlled by the tax-exempt organizations "bonyaads", accountable only to the Supreme Leader, the Iranian people will not benefit from these loans.

The World Bank should know that the Islamic regime of Iran has been violating our basic rights since its inception in 1979, and does not have any legitimacy, and it should not be regarded as representative of Iranian people. I challenge the Islamic regime and all its interest driven supporters and apologists to prove otherwise by yielding to a nation wide referendum monitored by International Human Rights Community

I urge the World Bank to show respect for a nation that is fighting desperately for its freedom. I expect the World Nations and Organizations to help us achieve our goal, to free our people from this corrupt and cruel regime, rather than awarding them with loans.

I appeal to the World Bank not to recognize the terrorist Islamic Regime of Iran as the representative of Iranians, and as every tyrant regime comes to an end, the World Bank should have the vision of the future when the people of Iran have freed themselves from this monstrous regime. Iran under its future democratic government will not have any responsibility to pay back these loans.

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