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Archive of Appeal Forms and Letters   

Defend Mr. Bollinger, the President of Columbia University, Against IRI's Lobby groups and Individuals   
Urgent Action of Amnesty International on forcible return of Iranian Refugees
French Government is violating the rights of Iranian refugees
Khatami’s visit to Austria
The Case of Ahmad Batebi, Amnesty International

Letter to Kofi Annan  for making a mockery of "Dialogue of Civilization"  

Letter to Senator Specter  for having friendly meeting with the Representative of Islamic Terrorist Regime

Protest Letter to Senator Feinstein  for getting hard on Victims of the Terrorism rather than Terrorists

Urgent Action to Stop the Execution of Mr. Pedram

Islamic Regime Must be Kept on the Agenda of the Human Rights Commission

MEHR’s Letter to President Bush Regarding Ruling out Dealing with Islamic Regime

MEHR's Letter to President Bush Regarding the USA/ Islamic Regime Relation  

Urgent Action: Protest the Imminent Stoning of a Woman

Action Call on behalf of Ms. Mehrangiz Kar 12/18/2000

Urgent Action to protest the suspension of Ahrar and other newspapers 12/13/2000

Action Call on behlf of Manuchehr Mohammadi 12/6/2000

Action Call on behalf of 17 jailed  writers, journalists, translators and activists (11/12/2000)

On the occasion of Khatami's trip to Japan

Support The Aspiration of Iranian Students
USA/IRI Soccer Diplomacy

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