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The Honorable Colin Powell

United States Secretary of the State

2201 C. St., N.W.

Washington, DC 20520


Dear Secretary Powell:


Once again, your comments about “positive signals” and reference to possibility of “resuming talks” with the terror masters in the Islamic Regime of Iran has caused great concern for all those who long for democracy and freedom for the people of Iran.


What is confusing and troubling about your comments is not just the fact that your comments are in sharp contrast and conflict with those of President George W. Bush, but once again, those who seek freedom and democracy for the people of Iran fear that political expediency may take a position of priority to the detriment of the greater principal of freedom.


You are well aware that even in the face of one of the saddest natural disasters and greatest devastation and human loss in recent history, the Islamic Regime resorts to extortion by demanding that Washington must accept their rule of terror and “soften” its tone before they accept a helping hand from the people of the United States who have shown great compassion for the victims of this disaster.


Mr. Secretary, your own Department of State has classified the Islamic Regime as a State sponsor of terrorism. What is the expected outcome of holding talks with a terrorist regime? What do you hope to accomplish by giving credibility to a tyrant regime whose very nature is clearly rejected by the Iranian people?



President Bush in his remarks last week rightly placed greater priority on the establishment of democracy in Iran over the fight against terrorism or even the development of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. He acknowledged the aspiration of all those who “long for freedom and democracy”, and sent a message that America’s compassion toward the disaster stricken people of Iran is by no means a compromise on the American principles. Your comments are a slap in the face of those who risk their lives fighting for the same principles that was acknowledged by President Bush.


The freedom loving people of Iran have lost hope in the so-called “moderates” and are crying loud and clear that they want a secular government. What would it take for you and your diplomats at the Department of State to hear their cry for freedom? How much more evidence on the torture, illegal imprisonment, oppression, support for international terrorism, duplicity and political trickery do you wish to have before you stand with “all those who long for freedom and democracy in Iran”?


America has never benefited from supporting dictators and tyrants and most Americans have always stood proudly behind their constitution which guarantees the basic human rights and separation of church and state. Why is it that when it comes to the rights of the Iranian people, these sacred principles appear to give way to political expediency in your remarks?  


Mr. Secretary, what version of democracy do you wish for the people of Iran? Why not the same model of democracy you believe in as an American? In your opinion, why shouldn’t the Iranian People deserve the same rights?


President Bush is asking the regime in Tehran to “listen to the voices of the People of Iran who long for democracy and freedom.” It seems to us that you and your colleagues at the State Department need to “listen” to the president of the United States and stand with the people of Iran.


The Islamic Regime has a lot to gain from “engaging” with the United States. The people of Iran and the Unites States have nothing to gain by prolonging the reign of terror and helping a terrorist regime whose days are numbered by the people of Iran.


Support for international terrorism and development of Weapons of Mass Destruction will stop when the terror masters in Tehran leave their seats of power by the will of the People of Iran. Let us not side with the losers. Let’s stand with the people of Iran. Let’s stand firm on the principle that “words” are not enough to indicate a signal of “change” in the terror masters behavior. The only acceptable action by these terror masters could be  to listen to the will of the people of Iran and take their challenge for a referendum on its existence. The Islamic Regime knows that it does not have any legitimacy and will never dare to take this challenge.


We would also like to challenge you, the European Union, and all other and politicians that claim this Islamic Dictatorship can be reformed, to prove it otherwise by persuading the terror masters in Iran to put their illegitimate seats of power to the test of the will of the people of Iran. Most Iranians want freedom, not another version of an Islamic Republic. It is the very nature of this regime which is being rejected by the people of Iran; a regime that is sustained by torture, murder, and the external support by those who are ignoring the will of the people and placing interests above principles.


We have no illusion that the terror masters will actually accept this challenge and put their very existence to the vote of the same people being tortured, murdered, and suffocated for the great sin of asking for freedom. On the other hand, we hope that you sir, accept the reality, acknowledge the wish of the Iranian people for a democratic, secular government, and refrain from legitimizing the system of terror in Iran by suggesting “talks” with the thugs with the hopeless aim of changing their behavior. Please choose to stand with the winners: the courageous people of Iran.




Mohammad Parvin, Ph.D.

Executive Director





The Honorable President George W. Bush

President of the United State of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20500


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