Strategies to Overthrow the Islamic Regime in Iran and Take Advantage of the Appointment of Raisi

M. Parvin

June 28, 2021


 Since the violation of human rights and criminal acts of the Islamic regime in Iran is enshrined in its constitution and annexes, the only way to get rid of it is to overthrow it. The method of overthrowing this regime is the organized participation of Iranian freedom fighters in disobedience fight. The life of this regime is over when millions of men and women, young and old, take to the streets and say "no" to it.

 However, the freedom-loving Iranians have settled down because they see themselves not only facing a cruel regime but also the interest-driven world powers that have recognized it. Their mobilization is not possible under the current circumstances. Scattered protests and strikes will not be tolerated for a moment if it reaches a point where it poses a threat to the regime.

 Iranians abroad, along with other freedom-loving people of the world and using their voting power and participation in the political process of the countries in which they live, should demand that the recognition of the Islamic regime be conditional on the cessation of human rights violations and as a first step the release of political prisoners. The demands of human rights organizations to investigate the crimes of Raisi, the so-called president, in general and the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 have created a much better ground for such effort.

 These all-out efforts in the world, which can involve countless people, if they do not achieve their goal, the widespread movement that has been created sends the message to the inactive Iranians that the whole world is watching them and demanding their rights. This situation will enable activists inside Iran to organize disgruntled masses to start disobedient struggles.

 The details of the efforts of Iranian abroad, some of which are mentioned in this article, will be discussed in another article if readers show positive reactions to this suggestion or suggest a better solution.


Strategies to Overthrow the Islamic Regime in Iran and Take Advantage of the Appointment of Raisi


M. Parvin

June 28, 2021


Following my previous article [1], in this writing, I will share my ideas regarding the fighting strategies and tactics against a ruling dictatorship in Iran and how to explore Raisi's selection to facilitate our fight. These ideas that are very briefly summarized here are subject to debate. If you have any other suggestions, please share them with me.


Here are the facts to consider:


·        Despite what we sometimes hear, everything that the IRI does is lawful. The human rights abuse, killing

       infidel, tortures, stoning, women abuses, etc., are in the constitution and its amendments [2].


The Islamic Penal Law was approved by the Islamic Consultancy Parliament on July 30, 1991, and

 ratified by the High Expediency Council on November 28, 1991. The Penal Law oversights the

 constitution. The Book Five of the Penal Code – Ta'azirat – was ratified on May 22 of 1996 [3][4].


Human rights abuses written into the IRI's laws will not stop until this regime or any of its factions is in power. Based on what we have witnessed over forty years, this regime cannot be reformed. 


·        We cannot pass by it as some are advocating for it! To stop human rights violations, the IRI should be 



·        How a brutal regime that does not show any hesitancy to kill when needed can be overthrown? 


a)     Armed uprising

b)     Foreign intervention

c)     Coup

d)     Weapon of civil disobedience


Let's briefly discuss the above options in the same order:

     a.      The regime has not allowed people to get together and organize in any form and shape. Occasionally it

            enables some opposition to be heard with the intention of use it for its own benefit. For example, it was             and still is allowing some prisoners to interview from prisons!


Several years ago, when a few famous activists were allowed to interview in prison, our efforts to show the brutality of the regime against the prisoners were questioned even by the international human rights organizations. Releasing prisoners and arresting them again has been another tactic to defile the abuse of prisoners. Allowing small groups to ask for its removal through statements is another trick.


There is no way that unorganized, scattered oppositions inside Iran can overthrow a regime armed up to its teeth with their handguns. 


b.     Some believe that the only way to overthrow the IR is through foreign intervention. Some groups have been trying to portray themselves as the alternative and hoping that when the IRI was beaten, they would substitute the regime! Wishful thinking! 


Based on what the West and especially the US have experienced in the past, it is doubtful that any western country or the US invade Iran to overthrow the IRI. They know that there is no other alternative that can serve them better than this bloody regime. Even if this happens, another dictatorship will replace the current one.


On the other hand, the IRI loves it if the US or Israel drop a bomb somewhere. All their atrocities against freedom lovers in Iran will intensify and be justified. They will become even more popular among the region terrorists. 


c.      Cope is a possibility. There has always been a family fight among different factions of the regime as to which policy will help more the system's endurance. If the situation gets to the point that they cannot reach a mutual agreement, one wiser faction may make a coup. The system will survive, and the Iranians keep suffering. 


d.     The only way a democracy can replace the dictatorship in Iran is when and if the Iranian people overthrow the system. This overthrow does not happen by writing statements and demanding the regime to give up and let us "pass" by it! 


Power is defined by obedience. If a situation is created where millions of organized people can say no to their abusers, they are finished. That is called a "civil disobedience" fight in contrast to an armed uprising. 


It is not an easy task, but it has been done before in the world, and although nothing is replicable, it can be done in Iran. There is no other feasible option. How civil disobedience can be taught, learned, and practiced has been investigated and documented for years. Those interested can refer to many documents, books, and interviews available on the MEHR's website [5]. 


The details are not something to be publicly announced. The informed Iranian activists familiar with civil disobedience concepts would know how to expand the movement without writing statements!


I can say here that initially, the process involves organizing small groups secretly that only have their representatives in contact with the central organizers. 


The Role of the Outside Iranian in Civil Disobedience Movement in Iran


A majority of the freedom-loving Iranians in Iran who are against the ruling dictatorship are not active. They have realized over years that they face a brutal regime and the entire interest-driven world that practically have recognized this regime. So, why should they endanger themselves? They are wisely not doing so, and this has become a determining factor against creating a mass movement of civil disobedience.


There is always a lot of talking by politicians about the human rights violation in Iran, political prisoners, executions, gender, and religious discriminations. Still, these have never had any role in dealing with the IRI. Their only conditions for recognizing the IRI have been the control of its atomic activities and, to some extent, its interference in the region.


The activists in Iran will be empowered and will organize the mass of the people if this situation is changed. That is where and when we outside Iran can play a determining role for this to happen.


How Iranian Expatriate can make the stop of human rights a condition for recognition of the IRI


The human rights violation in Iran has not and will not stop by only writing statements or gathering petitions to appeal to the humanity of the world politicians. They are interest-driven. To give, they should first take something!


What can we give to the interest-driven politicians?


We have the power of our vote if we participate in the political process of our region, city, and country. What the politicians should hear from us is:


"If you want our support and votes in the next election, we need you to root for enforcing this foreign policy that makes the relations with the IRI based on the stop of human rights violations and as a first step release of the political prisoners. "


But, we need more alliance, and we can have it.


We may expose the human rights violation in Iran and inform millions of non-Iranians. If we don't ask them to do something or don't know what to ask them, their awareness alone does not help. 


However, suppose we explain the situation and tell them what their representatives can do and ask them to urge their representatives. In that case, we will become a determining force. We have to start this on a nonpartisan form. If we can change one election result, different parties will compete to get our votes. We can then vote for the members of the party that we prefer.


It is very encouraging that the international human rights organizations have also shown readiness to promote and support our effort. 


There have been, and there are still options to bring charges against the ruling murderers under many international rules, including the Convention Against Torture [6]. Taking legal actions would be another tool to enforce the movement of discrediting the regime. A move started successfully in 2007 in a trial in the US Federal court but was boycotted by all Iranians abroad. That is why you probably have not heard about it [7]!


What if this policy does not get the expected results?


Yes, this might be the situation. 


The stop of human rights abuse and release of the political prisoners may never become a condition for the West's recognition of the IRI. Nevertheless, imagine the day that the people of Iran hear that millions of freedom-loving people worldwide and Iranian expatriates and international organizations are demanding their government not to recognize their enemy. 


When this happened, it would be the time that they will see themselves fighting only the IRI rather than the entire world to achieve freedom. The activists can then start forming small groups and prepare them for the day that millions can come to the streets and say no to the regime. Imagine the day that millions of women remove their head covers and scream! Can the brutal regime kill millions of women, men, boys, and girls while the entire world is watching? I don't think so. 


I tried to keep this writing very short so that you won't get too bored before you finish reading! I know that there might be many questions, ambiguity, and objections. There are many articles already written and available on the MEHR website for every paragraph in this writing. Please check it. 


I will explain the steps for participation in the political process in another writing. As a first step, please try to identify your local representative. In the US, you can use this link [8].



And last but not least, please share this writing with other people and let me know your and theirs opinions. Please provide me with email lists of people you know.


Suppose we can reach several hundreds of thousands of people and gather a petition indicating their condition to vote for any representative. In that case, it will be an effective tool in conveying the politicians to count more on the power of our vote and listen to us.


Please get involved. There is no other way.



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      8.     Find Political Representatives


M. Parvin, Ph.D., is an adjunct professor at the California State University, and Founding Director of the

Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran (MEHR)

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