A Comparison Between House Resolutions 

504 (Senate 306) and 505

Resolution 504 (Senate 306) urges the U.S. Government:


Resolution 505 urges the U.S. Government:

Don’t legitimize the Islamic Regime that stifles the genuine Democratic forces in Iran

Support the reform movement.

Positive gestures of the U.S. toward Iran should be directed toward the people of Iran, and not political figures whose survival depends upon preservation of the current regime

The people of Iran desire a dialogue and improved relations with the United States.

The U.S. recognizes the Iranian peoples' concerns that President Muhammad Khatami's rhetoric has not been matched by his actions.


It should be the policy of the United States to support Iran's reform movement

Iran is an ideological dictatorship presided over by an un-elected Supreme Leader with limitless veto power, an un-elected Expediency Council and Council of Guardians capable of eviscerating any reforms, and a President elected only after the aforementioned disqualified 234 other candidates for being too liberal, reformist, or secular.


Whereas the people of Iran are struggling with difficult questions about how to build a modern 21st century Muslim society that is prosperous and free.

It should be the policy of the United States to seek a genuine democratic government in Iran that will restore freedom to the Iranian people, abandon terrorism, and live in peace and security with the international community.

The people of Iran move towards a future defined by greater freedom and tolerance, they will have no better friend than the United States; and




This resolution respects the will of freedom loving Iranians and their drive for a secular government and society. It addresses the human rights violation in Iran clearly and acknowledges the fact that the Iranian people are not fooled by Khatami’s rhetoric and seek a genuine democratic government.

It sates the fact that Khatami clearly lacks the ability and inclination to change the behavior of the State of Iran toward the vast majority of Iranians who seek freedom.



This resolution that is supported by all U.S./ IRI lobbying group and individuals, urges the U.S. to support a Muslim society in Iran with “greater freedom and tolerance”. Although it refers to the will of the people, it practically believes that they don’t deserve anything more than the smiling faction of the Islamic Regime. There is not one word in this resolution to address the Islamic Regime as the abusers of the human rights of Iranian people.

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