Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran 

No to Military intervention, No to Dialog With the Islamic Regime
Yes to Smart Sanction 

I support the smart sanction against the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) and welcome all Acts and Resolutions adopted by the U.S. Congress to increase sanctions against IRI's military and financial institutions. 

Unlike any sort of military attack on Iran that would have disastrous consequences for the Iranian people, a smart sanction against the religious dictatorship in Iran will be a clear and strong message to Iranians that the world community is with them and is willing to weaken their enemy. This will encourage the Iranian people to arm themselves with the weapon of nonviolence and civil disobedience more than ever and, by toppling this terrorist regime, eliminate the dangers it poses to humanity.

I expect the world community and western states to acknowledge the fact that the current regime in Iran is not the representative of the Iranians and refrain form giving any recognition to it even if it conveniently suspends its atomic program. Smart sanction should be enforced until the human rights violations in Iran are stopped and as a first step all political prisoners are released.

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