War or Recognition

A Win-Win situation for the Islamic Regime in Iran


By Mohammad Parvin 

February 6, 2014

 The right hand man and chief foreign policy adviser to the leader of Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI), Ali Akbar Velayati called for direct talk with the United States on nuclear issues [LA Times 12/28/13]. On January 13th, the U.S. and Iranian officials announced that "Iran" and six world powers have agreed on a plan to launch the first phase of their nuclear deal. This week, the so-called Iranian President Rohani delivered a message at a summit in Switzerland that “Iran is open for business.” It is time for the U.S. government and its allies to celebrate. Or is it?

 There is no doubt that the nuclear ambitions and activities of the IRI are a danger to the whole world and must be stopped. However, it is a huge mistake to ignore the terrorist nature of this regime and assume that it may be brought into the “world community” by bribes and lucrative incentives. The reality of the Islamic Regime based on its track record is that its existence is not only a daily danger to the lives of millions of Iranians, it is a danger to the entire world. This threat will not be removed by either appeasing policies or military intervention.

The deal on IRI's nuclear issues is linked to a wide range of consents by the big powers. Therefore, a deal in any form or shape will result in a more powerful and dominant religious dictatorship and will enhance its ability to continue its support to terrorist activities all around the world and especially the Middle East. In return for what IRI is offering that is the wishful adjustment in its uranium enrichment, it will get what it has been demanding for years. The IRI’s demand includes removal of the sanction, the release of its frozen assets, membership in the World Trade Organization, removal of all restrictions for obtaining loans from the World Bank and removal from the State Department terrorist list. As a first step, IRI will be allowed to access $7 billion in relief over the next six months [1]. In short, the IRI wants the U.S. to guarantee its security.

In return, the IRI will accept lowering the degree of its enrichment at known facilities and at best will promise to adopt a non-interference policy in the Middle East and a milder approach to the elimination of Israel from the face of the earth! Unfortunately, the day that they will declare their access to atomic bomb made at their unknown underground facilities, may not be that far!

The only issue that has always horrified IRI is the struggle of the Iranians who fight for a secular democracy. Sadly, since one can hardly find a single word in all these talks, negotiations, and celebrations about the human rights violation in Iran, the US and its allies have practically united with a terrorist regime against the freedom loving Iranians.

Of course, the condemnation of human rights violation in Iran has been done in the past and will continue. But, it has always been in words and not deeds. Yearly reports of the State Department, the European Union, United Nations, and all International Human Right organizations have documented the daily atrocities of the Islamic Regime. However, the stop of the human rights violation never became a condition for making a deal with the IRI. Worse than this, by applying a sanction that puts pressure on ordinary Iranians without giving them any hope of support in their struggle against the IRI, the US and its allies pushed the frustrated Iranians to reluctantly participate in the so-called election and legitimize the regime by voting for Rohani hoping that he would save them from hunger and hardship by removing the sanction.

The U.S. fell into the trap that was masterfully set up by the IRI, its allies and lobby groups, and unfortunately many antiwar organizations and individuals. This trap was reducing the options in dealing with IRI to either military attack or engagement. The U.S. war-hawks politicians who have supported the regime change by military intervention have also helped the success of this tactic. Sadly, having experienced the disastrous consequences of the U.S. military intervention in Iraq and other countries, the majority of the American people who have not given the chance to know the third option regarding Iran, has also fallen into this trap and seems to be supportive of making a deal with the murderous regime of Iran.

Pursuing this war-recognition policy has created a win-win situation for the IRI. When the IRI adjusted its identified uranium enrichment, whether by threat of military intervention or by incentives, it would be accepted by the world big powers. Consequently, its reign of terror in Iran would continue.

It is a wishful thinking of interest driven big powers that they can create stability by legitimizing the IRI. They are wrong. Sooner or later, the devastating poverty that is well beyond the effect of current sanction and is caused by the IRI's corruption, as well as daily violation of basic rights of Iranians, will eventually bring the people back to the streets and will break the silence in spite of facing not only a brutal regime, but also the entire “democratic” world standing behind it. The US and its allies, as well as all “anti-war” groups can then sit and proudly watch how a regime equipped by atomic bomb massacres the Iranians. They may not care for the Iranians, but they should pay attention to the fact that the IRI terrorist activities that are written into its constitution is aiming for fundamentalist Islamic ideology to conquer the world. The IRI believes that there is a war between militant Islam and the rest of the world. This regime feeds its supporters by using this ideological animosity. By adopting this "god-given" mandate arbitrarily interpreted from the Koran, the Islamic regime has become the biggest sponsor of terrorism.  It just needs access to atomic bomb to be in full control. The West does apparently not understand the severity of this.

What would be the alternative to military intervention and appeasing policies?

It is not enough to say that we share the Iranians dream for a secular democracy and issue meaningless statements. The U.S. should enforce a "smart Sanction" that will impose pressure on the regime and not the people, and add the condition of the release of all political prisoners to the atomic condition. This will empower the Iranian people to bring about the real change in Iran without any military intervention. It will give them the powerful message that the entire world is behind them and not their enemy. They can overture this regime by civil  disobedience.  This worked in South Africa and will work in Iran. Those who admire the Nelson Mandela’s fight against apartheid should remember that the release of all political prisoners including him, was the result of the smart sanction.

Thousand of freedom fighters who lost their lives during the era of IRI’s terror, thousands of political prisoners, and many mass uprisings are evidences that Iranians will not accept this regime and helping them will benefit the entire world without the need for any military intervention.

The historic time for the U.S. government to celebrate is when they make a deal with the Iranians and not their abuser, the Islamic Regime in Iran.


 1.    Iran, 6 world power OK plan to launch first phase of nuclear deal

 Mohammad Parvin, Ph.D., is a former adjunct professor at the California State University, an Aerospace Specialist, and Founding Director of the Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran (MEHR)

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